DISPLAY MODEL SALE £175 Normal Boxed Price £219.99 Montpellier MWM610W 6kg 1000rpm Washing Machine in White If you’re in the market for a reliable washing machine that can clean a variety of laundry, the Montpellier MWM610W 6kg 1000rpm washing machine in white is a perfect choice. General Specification This model has a 6kg capacity making it ideal for small to medium loads of laundry. It has a 1000rpm spin speed washing machine, meaning it will extract water from your garments effectively. Useability is simple with a dial control and buttons. It also has a handy Intelligent programme and Stop Add Go technology. Wash Programmes There are 12 wash programmes to choose from, Cotton, Mix, Woolen, Silk, Underwear, Down Wear, Bedding, Drum Clean, Spin, Rinse & Spin, Stain, Steam, 20°, Quick 15 and Eco 40-60. Stop Add Go Technology Forgotten something? No problem! Our Stop Add Go technology means that you can add that missed item even after the cycle has started. This can help save time, water, and energy by avoiding the need to run a new cycle for just one item. Intelligent Programme This programme intelligently detects the clothing type and selects the washing time accordingly so as to save the washing time electricity and water. Simply press the Smart button for 3 seconds and its set. Additional Features A Delay Start function means you can set your washing machine to start – and finish – at a time convenient to you. It also has an LED display with a countdown timer, and Drum Clean function to keep the drum clean wash after wash. Colours This model is available in white.

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feature rich 6kg washing machine, with Stop Add Go technology, countdown timer, 12 wash programmes and an E energy rating.

6kg Capacity

LED Display

12 Wash Programmes

Product Description