Available in white, the CCFM4552W combines style and practicality to help keep your food fresh and organised. Featuring Frost Free technology, you’ll never have to worry about manually defrosting your appliance. You can place this model in a garage or outbuilding thanks to Beko’s Freezer Guard function – the technology ensures your food maintains a regular temperature even in temperatures as low as -15°C (freezer only). What’s more, with plenty of storage, you’ll have plenty of room to store your favourite groceries. The shelves are adjustable too so you can fit in larger items. Key Features Frost Free Adjustable shelves Freezer Guard Product Dimensions (H x W x D) 152.8cm x 54cm x 57.5cm

  • Category: Refrigeration




Flexible Storage Options

The Beko CCFM4552W has a large refrigerator section that can store plentyu of food and drinks. The fridge's three shelves give you plenty of room to store food in the method that's most practical for you, and the fridge's four door bins make finding certain foods quick and straightforward.

The freezer section will perform a great job at keeping frozen foods frozen. The freezer comes with three transparent drawers for efficient storage and organisation. Now, instead of rummaging through a chaos of plastic bags and boxes, you can quickly and easily locate and grab your favourite frozen meals.

Excellent Features

Bid farewell to the chore of manual defrosting. The Beko CCFM4552W is equipped with innovative frost-free technology, which prevents the buildup of ice and frost inside the freezer. This means you'll never have to scrape ice or endure the inconvenience of defrosting your freezer manually. Enjoy hassle-free maintenance and uninterrupted cooling performance, while saving time and effort.

The reversible door feature ensures that this fridge freezer can adapt to your changing needs over time. If you decide to rearrange your kitchen or move to a new home, you won't be limited by the fixed door opening direction. You can simply reverse the door to accommodate the new layout or kitchen design, providing you with long-term flexibility and convenience.

When it comes to fridges and freezers, the Beko CCFM4552W 55cm White 50/50 Frost Free Fridge Freezer is a game changer. It has plenty of storage options for your perishables and frozen items so they can be neatly stored and easily accessible.