Maximum microwave power: 900 W Capacity: 30 litres 10 auto cooking programs Turntable diameter: 315 mm

  • Category: Microwaves




Product Overview

Add a modern touch to your worktop with this sleek microwave from Hotpoint. Its 30 litre capacity is ideal for medium-sized households, and with a 900 Watt power output, you’ll never wait long to serve your creations. As it has 7 power levels to choose from, you can make sure every meal is served to perfection. Whether it’s popcorn for movie night or fish for dinner, the automatic cooking programmes take care of your mealtime preparation – as they set the ideal time and temperature for each dish. Once you’ve finished mastering your recipes, the Automatic-cleaning function removes any foods splatters with just water and heat.

Top features:

- Get perfect results with the automatic cooking function

- Quick start button for when you're in a hurry

- Cleaning cycle helps to remove odours and spills

Get perfect results

Cooking has never been quicker or simpler with the Hotpoint MWH 301 B Solo Microwave.

With 10 automatic cooking settings, all you need to do is select the type of food you're cooking and the quantity. The MWH 301 will then select the optimum heat and time settings to get your food cooked perfectly in a matter of minutes - great for when you've got other things to focus on around the kitchen. 

Quick start button

For the times you forgot to cook the green beans or want to reheat something super quickly, the auto start function is perfect. All you need to do is press the button and it will start to heat your food at full power until you're satisfied. 

Cleaning cycle

Featuring an automatic cleaning cycle, you'll be able to keep your microwave sparkling with less effort. It helps to dislodge food spillages and drips, so all you need to do is wipe them away with a damp cloth. It also removes food odours, so what you cook next won't be tainted with what you cooked last.