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Has a full load quick wash 9Kg at 40 Celsius or lower, 1200 spin or lower for 45 minutes.1 yr Labour / 10 yr Parts

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Stain removal

The Hotpoint Core NSWR 963C GK UK N 9 kg 1600 Spin Washing Machine has a helpful stain removal program to keep your clothes looking great. It adjusts the water amount, temperature, detergent and drum movements to get rid of everyday stains.

Clothes cleaned quickly

In a hurry? Wash a full load of laundry in just 30 minutes - your clothes will still get thoroughly cleaned, so you can always look your best.

Plus with the Rapid option, you can reduce cycle times by up to 50% to get your clothes clean in less time.

Hygienic clean

The Steam Hygiene cycle removes up to 99.9% of the most common bacteria without using any chemical additives, so your clothes will come out fresh. The antimicrobial door seal makes sure your appliance stays perfectly clean.


Allergic to dust mites and pollen? Try out the Anti Allergy option to give your clothing a few extra rinses to remove allergens so you can stay comfortable in your favourite outfit.

Protect your woollens

Give your delicate fabrics a lasting softness with the dedicated woollens program, which has been approved by Woolmark